Heirloom Beans

Rio Del Rey farm is located in Valley Center, California- about 45 miles north of San Diego. We specialize in growing heirloom dry beans of the highest quality from around the world. The farm began in 2011, with the experimental planting of many varieties of beans to find out which produced best and were able to adapt to the Southern California climate. In 2013, we began commercial production of 3 beans and currently grow over 12 varieties on land adjacent to our home.
Our farm serves as a model for what small farms can produce in a highly competitive marketplace using relatively inexpensive equipment and enhanced farming practices to produce a unique crop which is highly desirable for a healthy lifestyle.

Rio Del Rey also expands the definition of a farm with goals focused on:

  • Developing new and disease resistant bean varieties,
  • Collecting and preserving rare and endangered beans from around the world,
  • Supplying unique organic heirloom beans for cooking, and planting as seeds,
  • Creating a sustainable farming system as a model for future small farms to use in further developing heirloom beans,
  • Providing educational opportunities for everyone interested in our heirloom beans.